Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eek! My sketch book is full

Well, I guess it's time to hit hobby lobby for another sketch book... aka my window to the world.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I've been Pumpkin Junkin

What do you think? And most of all do you get it? I took my inspiration from the local history. The trees are made from garbage ties, the ground and hill plant seeds, the antebellum skirt from a bad mitten birdy, bottle nipple and doll head and so on. Here's wishin for an original Holli Conger piece.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A soda bottle saved my life! Well, kind of

Picture it...
It was 1996, my first cell phone(borrowed from hunky boyfriend). I not realizing the thing had a battery, a fully charged battery, kept it plugged into my '89 mustang. Yes, the model that a carpeted console! And well as I drove down the main strip of town noticed the smell of something burning.

"Holly Crap!", I looked down and sew the cigarette lighter it was plugged into smoking and little embers on the carpet that surrounded the ashtray. I swerved into the parking lot of our local movie store. Ran in, grabbed a soda out of the cooler by the check out counter and yelled
"I'll pay you in a SEC... I've got to put a fire!"

The employees gathered around the window and looked on as I poured soda all over the inside of my car.

I calmly walked back in. Wrote a check for a $.75 drink and walked out. That night I didn't get much sleep, peering out the window at a car I kept expecting to burst into flames. The next day it actually was still smouldering.
The boyfriend was totaly sweet about the whole thing so............ I married him!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What animal do

Last night my 4 year old asked me " Mommy what animal do brownies come from?"
I explained where each item that goes into making a brownie came from. It was a fun learning moment.

Monday, October 15, 2007

always last minute and a shrunken head!

So as always I'm running about 10 steps behind where I should be. I created this little watercolor last night as an answer to a bingo basket I was suppose to contribute to for my oldest class. The theme was Candy. As always at the last moment I grabbed the watercolors and snatched frame off a shelf... and walla!

Now this is the start of my apple doll. About two weeks ago I carved an apple into a face. Hung it over my stove to dry out after soaking it in salt and lemon water. Now that it's dried and shrunk quite a bit it's looking pretty decent. I hope it's not about to mold on that dark ear. I really should have dried it in the sun. Next step... the body and clothing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

picture from
We spent a fun evening at the local pumpkin patch. The night was filled with hay rides, pumpkins, a petting zoo, and a fun house. Oh and the best part to my kids was taking mommy into the maze... and then running off and leaving her!
And we're doing a yard sale this weekend to clear out some junk. Yes, to make way for getting more junk.

My weekend to do list:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Secret Garden

I have a favorite Secret Garden. It's lovely... the flowers are always in the most perfect stage of bloom, there's a huge variety of plants to photograph and the lighting is always perfect.

Where am I?

Yes, at least up to this point no one has said anything to me about taking pictures in their nursery. And the plants are always in great shape. Hey, it's even climate controlled for the photographer. FYI, I haven't checked with any official Walmart staff on the approval to do so. But wow, these flowers work great in my fairy portraits!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

a pumpkin and a punch

So our annual Halloween Party at our neighbors was last night. It was filled with lots of fun treats and a few tears at the end from a couple of tired party goers(mine).

What do you do when one of the party goers and their siblings spend their time at the party hitting, kicking, and calling others stupid head? Well, ignore it I thought. But I'm not perfect. So.... at the very end one of "those siblings" punched my daughter in the side.Now I normally consider myself pretty good at self control. But at that moment I guess the mama bear came out. When I was told what happened by my daughter and the a witness said yes, she looked right at her and socked her. I Yelled " Why did you punch her?" She said I didn't. So then I looked at the party hostess and said who does she belong to? The little girl responded "my mommy". We laughed. But inside there was a tinge of she is a child... with a heart.... But still this can't go unacknowledged by her parents at least. So I told my daughter to tell her father. When she approached the girls father to tell him... he walked away not listening to my daughter at all and pulled his daughter aside. The rest of the time we were there it was unfriendly looks from the father and mother of "the siblings".

So the question: What should I have done? Was it wrong to tell my daughter to turn in the little mike Tyson in training?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kidney Fairies

My cousin is in the business of saving lives. She makes things happen in the transplant area of our local children's hospital. I'm very proud of what she does. So, she asked for a couple of fairies for an upcoming presentation on transplants... kidney transplants to be exact. This is where I'm at so far on this project.