Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eek! My sketch book is full

Well, I guess it's time to hit hobby lobby for another sketch book... aka my window to the world.


Jessica Chapman said...

Love this photo... love that it was an old CMP prompt, and the glimpse of the coffee mug... so cool :)

artgirlATL said...

Thanks Jessica.
I just recieved my book cover Love it!!!!!!!!!

Mindy Lou Hagan said...

Hey again! I got your comment on my blog, and your words were so sweet! Thank you! I was just flipping through your blog right now and I just love this sketch. I was just curious though as to what sort of inkpen you use? Or if you use one at all. I have tried two different types, one cheap and one expensive, and I have found that besides the fact that the cheap ones smudge just a little, I don't like it that they're flat felt tip pens (I think they're more for scrapbooking and architecture). So I was just wondering what sort of pen you used so that I might see if I could find something better. :) Also, do you use watercolors? I love how bright your colors are! :D