Friday, October 19, 2007

A soda bottle saved my life! Well, kind of

Picture it...
It was 1996, my first cell phone(borrowed from hunky boyfriend). I not realizing the thing had a battery, a fully charged battery, kept it plugged into my '89 mustang. Yes, the model that a carpeted console! And well as I drove down the main strip of town noticed the smell of something burning.

"Holly Crap!", I looked down and sew the cigarette lighter it was plugged into smoking and little embers on the carpet that surrounded the ashtray. I swerved into the parking lot of our local movie store. Ran in, grabbed a soda out of the cooler by the check out counter and yelled
"I'll pay you in a SEC... I've got to put a fire!"

The employees gathered around the window and looked on as I poured soda all over the inside of my car.

I calmly walked back in. Wrote a check for a $.75 drink and walked out. That night I didn't get much sleep, peering out the window at a car I kept expecting to burst into flames. The next day it actually was still smouldering.
The boyfriend was totaly sweet about the whole thing so............ I married him!


Jessica Chapman said...

That is pretty funny!!!! :)))

Bethany Hissong said...

Ha! I didn't know they could catch on fire..hmmm. Maybe I better watch mine. What a great guy!!

Willow said...

I'd say the guy is a keeper!