Monday, January 12, 2009

Capture A moment Art Journaling

One of the things that I enjoy doing during down time is art journaling. It's a great way to record a trip, or just everyday life. From watching the kids play at McDonald's

to record special moments and places on a trip.

And what a great piece to hand down to your heirs than a illustrated journal that tells the story of your experiences.


Willow said...

Your 'doodles' are beautiful! It's a great idea--now if I could draw at all...

Bethany Hissong said...

You're so right! I always think of written journals but I love to look at old drawing journals just as much because they tend to capture more of whatever is going on in my head and doesn't necessarily have words with it! Thank you for all your wonderful comments lately!! I've been way too busy and haven't written to you in awhile... I miss talking to you and hearing what's going on there! Sometimes winter just seems so uneventful! I wish your girls could come to the art studio!! I bet they'd be wonderful art students!!!