Friday, October 10, 2008

A Tea Tray

If you've seen the wooden ready to paint trays in the Wal-Mart craft area and thought... that's cool but what to paint on it?
Well I've found it's the perfect surface to decoupage holiday themed napkins or wrapping paper to.
So here are the steps:
  1. pick your main holiday wrapping paper and a complimentary wrapping paper
  2. paint the inside all sides with a color that matches or compliments the paper.
  3. after this dries apply the main paper to the surface of the tray that would hold drinks.
  4. apply the complimentary paper to the outside walls of the tray.
  5. I applied a cut out coffee cup out of the outside complimentary paper as an additional accent.
  6. Wallah! You will want to seal the tray. I do so with an additional coat of decoupage, but you may have a preferred sealant. Always use a plate when placing cookies or food on this type of tray that has had paint, etc. applied to it.
*I originally found the plans for this project at the Plaid Paint website.


Willow said...

Oh I love the tray! Could I knit the cover for it??

Bethany Hissong said...

Great idea! This would make a great Christmas present too!

tiger said...


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