Thursday, June 12, 2008

A God Thing

I had a special surprise this weekend some would say coincidence. I say it's a God Thing. A phrase that a special friend uses a lot.
I was talking with my hubby and a long time friend who I've recently gotten in touch with again. After years of being busy with our own lives. She is guiding me in the process of art as a business. Ans she is also a very good bible teacher as a side note.
Anyways Saturday as we were talking she mentioned " you should get one of those movable wooden manikins to draw with". Well I agreed that would be handy.
Monday while working my husband called me and said you have a package from Florida. I said yes I thought I might get a lovely treat from my friend Sunnynole as a thank you for doing a little PhotoShop Work for her. He opened it and said "Wow, you'll really be able to use this." He told me that the package contained an artist drawing manikin, wooden. And that it came with art supplies. I was stunned. Sunnynole knew nothing of that conversation, My friend who mentioned getting one didn't know Sunnynole at all.
When I told my Godly friend she reminded me that before we even ask he knows our needs before we ask.
...for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. Matthew 6:8b


hsing3kinder said...

that is very cool!

Jessica C said...

Awww! Love the story! I'm way behind on blog reading so I JUST saw this post. :) Glad you liked it and that it was something that you really needed :). J.