Thursday, July 26, 2007

a website, a wedding map and peaches

I'm launching headlong into designing my web presence and finding Dreamweaver to be quite the handy little program. It will still be a bit before my site goes live. But, I'm closer than I was yesterday. And what a day that was.

I also realize that I need to get busy on a whimsical wedding map that I've promised to create for an old friend. It will be lots of fun to create. Full of lots of fun landmark illustrations... and who knows, I may through in a caricature of the bride and groom. O that deadline is looming.

Peaches. Thank God for the Georgia peach! We may have terribly hot weather, next to no winter, red clay instead of sod.... but darn it, We have THE PEACH. At least those didn't get burned in that little march through town by our old friend Sherman. The peach pictured here I created for at the office when we had downtime. I love drawing in Adobe Illustrator.

Yall Be Sweet,

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Jessica Chapman said...

That peach is awesome, and congrats on the site :))))))))) You're on a roll! :)))))