Monday, July 30, 2007

a freezing shower, a swim & Yummy Turkish food

Saturday was spent swimming in between wonderful Turkish food my mother in-law prepared. That's one country that knows how to use a leaf. Role ground beef, rice, seasoning and some love into a grape leaf, or collards if your state side. And ummmmm mama!
Sunday morning started with an "Oh No". Yep the hot water heater was broke, and I needed a shower before cheering my little one on in her first speaking part in a play. So mommy took a cold shower. Mommy, who normally comes out looking like a lobster took a cold shower. Oh well, my hair was shiny, and a few hours and almost $300 later we had the part fixed to once again have toasty toes in the tub.
My little one shined, and my littlest one fidgeted, but did well. I was very proud. A little school shopping in between all this fun and that's a full weekend.
I ended with a night cap of chocolate milk and ATC card painting.

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Jessica Chapman said...

Chocolate Milk and ATCS... Wow! Can I come?!!! Sounds great. I've never tried Turkish food, by the way... LOL!