Wednesday, May 7, 2008

too busy

Well I've been burning it at both ends so I'll post pics soon. I'm working on 5 watercolor paintings and three acrylic on board. As soon as I come up for air I'll share details on what these are for. Of course I'm doing this after my lovely one hour commute home from down town Atlanta, and after bathing and feeding my sweet babies. My sweet babies that are ever so patient with "don't jump on the bed, mommies painting". Or hold on... let me just finish this one thing. And my sweet patient hubby who doesn't mind an occasional watercolor splatter his way as he tries to fall asleep. I know I could go to my desk... but the bed is so comfy.


Willow said...

Our families are so good to us to allow us the 'room' to create. We're so blessed, aren't we?

Bethany Hissong said...

I have never heard of painting on your bed but that must take real talent!!! When I was growing up, my bed was my desk... or the floor. I hate sitting at a traditional table. Can't wait to see your new work!

artgirlATL said...

The secret to painting on your bed is a good tray... a good and level tray that is. Add a couple of water color pans a Dasani bottle refilled as paint water and you're set. Wait you also have to have the remote set on HGTV.