Monday, February 11, 2008

a hug, a doll and a sad story

Here's a pic my 4 year old took of My oldest and I. We had a fun day full of Turkish food and lots of love on Sunday. I'm posting a picture of one of many old unfinished pieces to make up for it. We had fun eating and playing and visiting with causins.
Sadly latter that night my favorite Aunt's home was brocken into. Over the weekend she had mostly been away caring for my grandfather and visiting with other family members. While she was away thieves... broke her window with a brick and proceeded to trash her home and take what they like. Now the worst thing... about a year and a half ago the same thing happened. Broad daylight while she was at work they tokk everysingle thing of value from her home. Including my grandmothers(her mother) jewelry she inherited. They even took the time to take CD's out of the cases. And years before that they entered her home while she slept... even taking things from her bedroom where she lay sleeping. In my heart I want to spray paint on a sheet and hang it on her garage door " God knows who you are and he will eventually deal with you and your crimes. They sadest thing is that she's lived there since around 1985... and she now has only one choise to leave a home full of memories to find a safer neighborhood. What happened to the sweet gentle south we all loved. Even in the most quaint of historic areas... you dare not wonder a few streets over. Sorry to bring you down, but I had to spill. Please keep her in your prayers. I think I'll read I Coritheans tonight. It will help.

Nesting dolls

My great Aunt braught the largest doll in this picture back from Germany in 1964. She hoped a train and went over tothe part of Germany American Millitary were not allowed to visit. When Germany was split East and West. It has such a special place in my heart... remebering the times I played with it at her house as a child. That got me started collecting. An when she heard this she sent the one that started it all to me. What a precious gift.

Hugs Ladies,


Bethany Hissong said...

That is so sad! I know what you're going through as our house was robbed when I was in high school and they took all of the family jewelry and tokens that really meant more than their monetary value. Plus you just feel so violated...that someone was there that shouldn't have been! One thing to remember is that memories are always in our minds...if the location is not safe anymore then she should find one safer. She doesn't need to be in harm's way!
I love your nesting dolls!! My dad's family is from East Germany and I remember what it was like back then... that doll would have been very precious to whomever had it in Germany!

Willow said...

I am so sorry! It is really hard to be robbed. Not only do you lose things of monetary and sentimental value but you lose your sense of security. I know from when we lived in South Central LA--we had break-ins and had our cars broken into, too. I would go home and be very tense. Please tell your aunt to take all the precautions she needs (security systems, etc) to be safe.

I know my mom's family came from Germany, but we don't have much information b/c the grandparents wouldn't talk about it (after WWI and WWII). I have a sugar bowl from "Imperial Austria"...

artgirlATL said...

That must be very special to you. To have something from your families past.
Thanks for the words of understanding. My Aunt is staying with a relative and has an appointment with a realator to sale her home. We are encouraging her that it will be a fresh start and exciting to have a new place.
You guys are the greatest.

Willow said...

I have tagged you for a book meme, if you want to participate. You can check it out on my blog.

I'm glad your aunt has a safe place to stay. I hope she will get a good price for her house. Location is SO important in housing.