Friday, November 9, 2007

a tear, a transmission and a tree

Well.... what a day I had yesterday. It started with me saying "Sweetie, what do you think that little buzz I hear in the car is?" I smiled ans spattered"I wouldn't want to break down."

Well wouldn't you know about twenty miles from home Push as I might... she was not accelerating. And so I came to a slow stop in a church parking lot. Understand I'm not ungrateful. Quite the opposite. I mean I drive through some very rough areas, and to end up broke down in a church parking lot is fine by me. Eventually hubby got there, restarted it and on a wing a a prayer, and a very slow journey we got it to the dealership. Have I mentioned we paid this baby off a month ago! Yes, that's right a month ago.

So, it's the transmission. I'm in nifty little rental Impala with leather seats and silver rims. Quite a different world than the mini van. And was I stressed about the car? Heck I could care less. I was to busy flipping out over the fact that of all mornings I was suppose to be designing a holiday card for the CEO of all of Worka-Cola! Oh my goodness was I flipping out about that. but in the end with laptop Finlay in hand, I did get that out the door. It was just from a door in the burbs instead of midtown.

So after the dust settled we put up the Christmas tree. At least that settled the little remaining woes of the day. Who can't get peaceful when looking at the beautiful twinkle of an evergreen flocked with red balls and gold angels.

Here's to a better weekend than the week was!


Bethany Hissong said...

Oh no!! I'm glad it wasn't worse, but I've been there before in that situation. NO fun! I can't believe you could still get your work done!
I try not to do Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving but seems as if everyone is decorating and I'm ready to jump in too!

artgirlATL said...

Yes, My hubby and family tease me about the decorating early. I just truely love the holidays and all that goes with them. So I extend the season as much as possible.
You are sooo right. No fun at all.
Have a Great Weekend!

Mindy Lou Hagan said...

I found your website from a comment on Holli Conger's blog and was just reading about your transmission and I have to say, that has been me for the past month! :D I've had my car for a few years, so I've been lucky so far that it hasn't went out yet, but each day I drive home on a wing and prayer as well. :) I'm just glad I'm not the only one suffering through car troubles! I just hope I'm lucky enough to have it die in a church parking lot, too! :D I'm an artist, too, so feel free to check out my blog at and leave me a comment or email me. I don't know very many artists yet, so feel free to stop by and say hi any time. :)