Friday, August 31, 2007

Grandma's chair, a tearful send off, and a weekend at the library

We spent the night at Grandma's during the summer. While we were there I sketched my favorite chair in the world. It's very oversized and comfy. I want to curl up in it now!
The little one was soooo sad to se me go this morning. She stood at my car and cried Mommy. It's Daddy's day to take her to preschool. I'm getting soggy eyed thinking of it.
The girls are thrilled at the idea of a Saturday morning at the library. Books to read... books to read... as a littl one I hear every week says.

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Jessica Chapman said...

Love your new banner and this site is looking awesome. The chair sketch is cool, too. I've been looking in just haven't had a chance to comment. Miss ya.